Great Hot Chocolates and Where to Get Them in Nevada City

Although hot chocolate is traditionally a winter treat, these hot chocolates are so good they can be sipped all year long. Here are 6 great places to get a hot chocolate in downtown Nevada City in no particular order.


Curly Wolf:


As the steams rises slowly from the warm mug in your hands the aroma of chocolate fills the air and as the rich hot chocolate glides down your throat you hold a small piece of rich, chocolatey heaven. Curly Wolf makes a thick, rich hot chocolate topped with chocolate shavings and a soft layer of foam. Their hot chocolate is soft as silk and easily quenches that chocolate craving so the next time your in town swing by and pick up your own mug of this heavenly hot chocolate. For more information click here.


Java Johns:


Fluffy whipped cream doused with sprinkles if desired sits delicately on top of a light, foamy hot chocolate. The ceramic mug is filled to the brim with this liquid delight. This hot chocolate is thin so you can drink more and more of this sweet beverage. As you near the end and your spoon scrapes the bottom of the mug you’ll find yourself ordering seconds. Kids will love their wide selection of colorful sprinkles. To visit their website click here.

The Chocolate Shoppe:


The spiraling whipped cream piled high and topped in chocolate shavings on the glass makes a picture perfect hot chocolate, one that is  a creamy light chocolate flavor. Step back from life as you enjoy this smooth beverage of chocolatey goodness. To visit their website click here or to visit their Facebook page click here.



This elegant drink is served with a dollop of whipped cream and is made from dark chocolate shavings. The hot chocolate is served at the perfect temperature to enjoy as it trickles down your throat warming you body on cold winter days or in the summer you can get a scoop of ice cream in it as well as an extra treat. To visit their website click here or to visit their Facebook page click here.




This light hot chocolate is a decadent one with impressive foam swirls and a sweet, mouth-watering texture. It’s extraordinarily lovely and a joy to sip in Mekka’s cozy surroundings. It’s magical taste and sweetness make this a great choice for those who enjoy light foamy drinks where you’ll be craving seconds. For more information on this charming cafe click here.

Broad Street Bistro:

untitled-3269This is one of the richest and darkest hot chocolates in town, very similar to curly wolf, one you’ll want to sip slowly to savor every drop of this exquisite drink. It’s velvety smooth texture is pure comfort in a cup to be enjoyed at broad street bistro. For more information click here.

Good-bye To The Fix Restaurant

IMG_3095 If you haven’t eaten at The Fix restaurant in Nevada City, now would be the time.

The Fix is closing soon.

Great tasting healthy food is what The Fix is known for.


Super foods, beautiful ambience, and delicious smoothies are just a few reasons why you should grab a seat at their table before they close their doors.