Fowler Family Farm

Last week, we visited Fowler Family Farm, owned by Brad and Alana (plus their 5 daughters Macey, Molly, Morgan, Wyatt, and Wendy) in Grass Valley. The family-run farm raises turkeys, chickens, pigs, goats, and cows. They sell their meat and eggs at the Saturday Farmers Market in Nevada City, as well as through a CSA. The chickens are free-range and have plenty of room to run around and eat bugs. The pigs are happy to get splashed with water by the girls and sleep under the big oak trees. The turkeys are also free range and are ready by Thanksgiving. They’re processed just a few days before T-Day so you don’t have to freeze or thaw out the bird! We are so happy to see another farm in our community that raises good, wholesome food with love and compassion. Check out more pictures HERE.

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